• Karaoke Anywhere is the world's best Karaoke application for the iPhone.
  • Browse 30,000+ tracks from leading Karaoke manufacturers right from the in-app song store.
  • Be the hit at any party with Karaoke Anywhere!
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Karaoke Anywhere - The best iPhone Karaoke App

Karaoke Anywhere is the world's best and most advanced iPhone Karaoke application. Karaoke Anywhere has the most up-to-date song store where you can purchase any of the 30,000+ tracks right from leading Karaoke manufacturers.

New Features for Karaoke Anywhere iPhone application:

  • Recordings - You can now record your performances for playback later. You can even download your performances right from the transfer page.
  • Previews - You can preview songs before purchasing them right from the Song Store. Just click the "play" button on the album art!
  • JoltSoft Connect - Use JoltSoft Connect to sync your unlock credits and your purchased tracks across all of your devices! Get a new phone? Purchase an iPad? No worries, your songs are safe with JoltSoft Connect!
  • Vertical player - The orientation of the player can now be set to portrait or landscape mode to support media docks. Visit the "Account" / "Settings" page to select the orientation that's best for you!
  • Headphone monitoring - If you connect headphones to your device your beautiful singing voice will come through loud and clear. Is it TOO loud? Simply adjust the volume sliders in the player to tweak to perfection!
  • Artist and title detection on import - The track import process now attempts to figure out the Artist and Title of the track you're importing.
  • Single song purchasing - If you are out of unlock credits, no problem, you can now purchase songs one at a time without leaving the Song Store.
  • Upgrading to Karaoke Anywhere Pro - Want the ability to store unlimited performances and import unlimited tracks? You can now upgrade to Karaoke Anywhere Pro directly from the "Account" tab.

Existing Features

  • Large horizontal player.
  • Download purchased tracks right from the application to your computer.
  • Easily sync already purchased tracks to your iPhone.
  • More user friendly playback controls.
  • Purchase songs from the Karaoke Anywhere Song Store. Over 30,000 tracks to pick from!
  • The first and Best iPhone Karaoke player with full CD+G support.
  • Manage your songs by adding comments, editing song titles and artist names.
  • High quality MP3 backing tracks. This is the real deal!
  • Transfer your existing MP3+G ZIP files to the application via Wi-Fi.
  • Dock your iPhone to sing along while music is played via external speakers.
  • Portable: All you need is your iPhone and your voice!
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch